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    We hold a party “2017 LIGHTKING NEW PRODUCTS PROMOTION” in the Shanghai on September 21st. Many customers from all over the world to join us.

    In the party, we introduce the new products which are FX series, RG series,  RW (indoor ) series RM series (outdoor).

King Flex series

1,3 different size of cabinet can be matched together.

2,High precision and rigidity guaranteed

3, Directly wall- mounted design

4,Complete front access

5 High brightness and high refresh rate

6 Site for many indoor applications

King show RG series

1.Super light Only 15.8kg/cabinet,21.9 kg/m²

2.Easy to set up and dismantle

3.Easy to maintain

4.Easy to get 16:9 ratio

5 Set cart solution

6 Perimeter- display solution 

1.Super light. RW (Indoor) 5.5KG each panel/ RM(outdoor) 7.3 each panel

2.Easy to set up and dismantle,only use one hand

3.Easy to maintain

4.Some friendly design to promise high steady.

    In the scene, many customers have a great interested in our product.

    After the meeting, we host a Buffet dinner to banquet the friend.

    We hope we all  keep in advancement. And Lightking will continued introduction of new products

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